ITS Research

ITS Research and Design

FreeAhead staff has been deeply involved with a variety of ITS research and demonstration projects.  These projects include:

  • Currently FreeAhead Inc. is developing a revised version of the SAE J2735 Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary.  Together with ConSysTec we are applying the system engineering process to update the standard.  This standard defines the data and the messages that are transmitted to and from vehicles in the developing connected vehicles program. 

  • The Pathfinder project in Los Angeles - the first project in the US to actively link the transportation infrastructure to the experimental vehicles.  This project undertaken in conjunction with General Motors and the California Department of Transportation equipped 25 Oldsmobiles with on-board navigation systems that showed real-time congestion data.  This project was sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration. 

  • The TravTek project in Orlando Florida that was one of the first projects in the US to utilize real-time route optimization in the vehicle.  This project was a partnership between the US DOT, General Motors, The State of Florida, AAA and the City of Orlando.  FreeAhead staff designed the architecture, the probe message processes and oversaw the successful implementation.

  • The Connected Vehicle initiative is currently underway.  This initiative is based upon the concept of two coordinated communication technology implementations, one by the US automobile industry and the second by the transportation public sector.  This major effort extends the communication concept to cover a wide range of applications for mobility, safety and commerce.  FreeAhead staff developed the Connected Vehicle Architecture. 

    Data transmitted from the roadside to the vehicle could warn a driver that it is not safe to enter an intersection. Vehicles could serve as data collectors and anonymously transmit traffic and road condition information from every major road within the transportation network. Such information would provide transportation agencies with the information needed to implement active strategies to relieve traffic congestion.

  • FreeAhead staff have worked on a series of ITS Standards and related operations.  These include developing standards for the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau as part of the ITS Architecture for the Olympic games.  In addition our staff have worked in the development of the data dictionaries for a variety of ITS specification development. 


FreeAhead can provide a wide range of research staff to support all aspects of ITS development.