ITS Design & Implementation

Border Wait Time
ITS Research and DesignFreeAhead has developed a system for measuring wait times using Bluetooth readers.  This system was develop under a pilot test that compared a range of technologies that were installed at the US Canadian Border.  This test was successful and the system was the only technology selected for permanent installation.  These permanent installations are now underway on both sides of the border across the Niagara River between NY State and Ontario. The initial implementation are on the Peace Bridge between Buffalo and Fort Erie and the Queenston Lewiston Bridge. 

FreeAhead personnel have developed ITS architectures for:

    ITS Research and Design
  • The Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) project
  • The State of Louisiana, USA
  • The City of Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • The State of Israel
  • The City of Beijing, China
  • The City of Rio, Brazil
  • The City Syracuse, NY
  • The Capital Beltway HOT Lanes


Our specialty is to develop architectures that are realistic in an environment that has legacy systems, limited maintenance capabilities and within budgetary constraints.  We have been responsible for developing regional architectures and project level architectures in compliance with the Federal requirement to follow the Systems Engineering process. Our staff is very familiar with using Turbo Architecture to develop these architectures as well as the Rule 940 compliance documentation.