ITS Research and Design

FreeAhead personnel have extensive experience in communications analysis and design in the areas of highways, transit, toll, airport and security systems. FreeAhead offers communications engineering, program management, and project oversight for diverse commercial, professional and institutional clients. 

Our staff has substantial experience with designing cutting-edge wireline and wireless systems and is adept at customizing these systems to meet clients’ unique needs. FreeAhead offers an unparalleled combination of experience, expertise and “client-friendly” performance. 

FreeAhead experienced staff features experts in virtually every technical discipline necessary to develop a telecommunications systems and infrastructure.  These services have been provided for state and municipal agencies as well as international clients. 

Multidisciplinary services include:  

  1. Technology Assessment
  2. Network Planning, Design, & Engineering
  3. System and Network Integration
  4. Engineering Design/Build
  5. Management Planning
  6. Strategic/Master Plan Development

Some of the clients and communication projects our staff has been responsible for include:

  • FHWA Rural Communications
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Michigan DOT VII
  • Missouri DOT I-270/255
  • Arlington County, VA
  • Los Angeles MTA
  • Maryland CHART
  • Virginia DOT
  • United States Capitol Police
  • District of Columbia DOT
  • Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle, WA
  • BART Security & Surveillance, San Francisco, CA
  • Metro Region Telecommunications, Detroit, MI
  • I-64 and Route 100, St. Louis, MO
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • San Juan Fiber Optic Shared Resources
  • Philadelphia Airport
  • San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Grand Region Telecommunications, Grand Rapids, MI
  • I-895 Pocahontas Parkway, VA


FreeAhead can analyze clients’ communication needs and design solutions that meet the needs and requirements for a full variety of applications.